Dear [Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Guardian, Grandma,Etcetera]:

I am happy to have the opportunity to teach your 9-11th grade student this year. My most important goal is to provide a positive educational experience for my students. I will need your help to accomplish this goal. In the very near future, I will be sending your child home with a syllabus, a project scoring rubric, and important dates (project due dates, gallery/media design shows, etc.). I set high academics expectations and encourage each student to achieve their fullest potential. I truly want your child to have a safe and caring learning atmosphere that encourages respect, responsibility, and success for a lifetime.

Aside from the oncourse academic information the students will receive, I will be utilizing for discussion boards and questions between myself and student/guardians (reasoning: it is more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing than oncourse). Included in this site are: the assignments for class, discussion boards, cooperation agreement, resources/ project information, and bonus point opportunities.

If you have a concerns or questions, please feel free to send me a note, jot a message, call the school, or e-mail me at I will get in contact with you as quickly as possible.

Thank you so very much,

Jewell Simon

|Ashe and Hotep|