This is Mr. Jewell’s Class website. My name is Jewell Simon and I am teaching Robotics I, Graphics & Animation, and Web Design I & II @ Lee High STEAM. I am certified teacher in Louisiana and on my way to becoming a National Board Certified teacher.

I have decided to take a more forward approach to teaching in this rapidly changing technological environment. Teaching towards living successfully, rather than to a standardized test. We as a society, as educators, and as parents have been forced to focus on standardized test scores far too long.  However, they still impact our lives, and our children’s lives on a daily basis, so I will incorporate best testing practices in my daily lesson.

I want to incorporate technology and responsible e-socialization into the classroom; because it is a part of our lives; and our educational system should teach our students how to become successful in life. Electronic textbooks, interactive sites, social networking, and digital portfolios, are powerful tools at our disposal, and the students need to learn to utilize these tools efficiently, effectively and educationally. This will be a great year and I look forward to students and parents input to make it even better.